Trusted Recovery


Recovering an entire seed phrase is impossible as there are too many combinations to go through. However, if you’ve lost a part of your seed, recovering it might be possible.

If you have absolutely no idea what your password could be, for example, if you’ve generated it using a random password generator, we will not be able to help. We need even a tiny piece of information about the password you chose for your wallet. In most cases users have either a commonly used password(s) or some sort of patterns they normally use.

We charge 20% of the funds in the wallet but ONLY if we unlock it. We do however first check to verify the funds are visible on the blockchain.

The recovery process can take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the accuracy of the information you provide us with regarding the password or seed phrase. In some cases, especially in high value wallets we will allocate more resources and time to recover the wallet.

No. We do not deal with any purchased wallets and we can only attempt to help the original owner of the wallet.

Yes and no. Given enough time and computing power, almost any password can be recovered. However, the time and cost involved make some passwords makes it financially and/or practically unviable.

We can try and recover from most software and hardware wallets.